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7 Deliciously Popular Indian Food in Nepal

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

A country is best-defined through its unique culture, tradition, art, lifestyle, and cuisines that are enriched with their homemade spices. And when it comes to spices no one can beat the flavor-packed Indian spices that bring irresistible taste to the cuisines served in the different states of India. Filled with fresh aroma and zest, the food served in India is not only delicious but also healthy and digestible. Be it the Hyderabadi biryani served in the clay pot with heady aromas, vibrant colors, and addictive curry flavors or the Kebabs of Uttar Pradesh that melt-in-your-mouth in no time, all you can do is relish in the fragrance and taste of India by sitting in a corner cafe of India or even here in Kathmandu. Visiting India just to enjoy those flavors may sound absurd, so we have got you covered and included the Top 7 Deliciously Popular Indian Food in Nepal that takes you deep down into the gastronomic heart of India and allow you to pamper your taste bud.

Popular Indian Food in Nepal

1. Hyderabadi / Dum Biryani (veg/non-veg):

Evolved from the largest and major urban center of Telangana state, Hyderabadi biryani is the famous dish of Hyderabad. Although it is one of the popular dishes of south-central India, the flavors of biryani are now celebrated in Nepal too. The Hyderabadi biryani incorporates a whole palette of flavors and is prepared by the amalgamation of spices, rice, meat, vegetable and caramelized onions. The freshly marinated meat and the long grains basmati rice mixed with all the spices makes this dish irresistible and hence have made its own impeccable place in the heart of every Nepali foodie.

Dum Biryani
Dum Biryani

2. Butter Paneer Masala:

Widely known as Butter Paneer, butter paneer masala is a popular Indian curry. The Butter Paneer Masala is a rich and creamy curry prepared by mixing paneer, onions, tomatoes, butter, cashews and spices. The dish gives a heavenly sweet taste and pairs perfectly with any Indian Roti and Naan. Available in restaurants and sweet shops, butter paneer masala is an appetizing dish for an empty stomach. Order yourself a bowl full of butter paneer masala and surprise your taste buds with the scrumptious meal.

Butter Paneer Masala | Photo Credit:awesomecuisine
Butter Paneer Masala

3. Kebabs:

The famous dish of Uttar Pradesh, Kebabs are meat-lovers ultimate source of foodgasm. A juicy Kebab is prepared by marinating and grilling the mutton/chicken pieces in charcoal that leaves you drooling with the overpowering taste of the meat. Also known as sekuwa in Nepali, you can get the incredibly tasty Kebabs in the roadside streets shops or in any Indian restaurants in Kathmandu.

Grilled Chicken Kebab | Photo Credit: foodiecrush
Grilled Chicken Kebab

4. Chicken Tikka Roll :

A chicken tikka roll can also be compared to the popular Mexican dish, Tacos. As that of the Tacos, the chicken tikka roll is also perfectly folded by tortilla to give an appetizing snack. The fillings consist of a delicious melange of chicken tikka and spices rolled deliciously. Served with tangy flavored chutney, the roll can be a lunch, brunch, or a heavy evening meal.

Chicken Tikka Rolls | Photo Credit:dilli14
Chicken Tikka Rolls

5. Butter Chicken:

Similar to the butter paneer masala, butter chicken is one of the most popular curries of India. The aromatic golden, juicy, grilled chicken pieces dipped in an incredible creamy tomato based gravy gives a lip-smacking result at the end. The taste of this dish is absolutely delicious, rich and creamy and goes perfectly with any kind of Indian bread including Naan and plain roti. Indian.

Butter Chicken | Photo Credit: amindfullmom
Butter Chicken

6. Naan and Roti:

Naan and Roti are the most appetizing Indian dish that goes perfectly with any types of curry including butter paneer, paneer masala, Matar paneer or the kebabs too. Although Naan and Roti are two different types of meals, people are seen enjoying both of them equally. While a Roti is, a light flatbread made up of wheat flours, a Naan in the other hand is fancier and heavier than roti and may also be stuffed with fillings of Keema. Since Naan and Roti are easy to prepare meals, these can be found in any Khaja Ghar and restaurants in Nepal. Typically served with pulses and curry, they are appetizing meals at a lower price.

Naan and Roti | PhotoCredit:archanaskitchen
Naan and Roti

7. Cheesy Malai Paneer Tikka:

Among different paneer dishes available in India, the cheesy malai paneer tikka is the ultimate favorite dish of any vegetarian. As compared to the regular panner tikka, the Malai paneer tikka has mild light flavors, is very creamy, and offers a melt in the mouth texture. The dish is made from cottage cheese (paneer) cubes marinated with yogurt, cream, spices, herbs, cashew nut powder and flavored with Kasuri methi, fennel seeds and cardamom powder and then grilled or baked or even fried. The end result of the paneer after grilling is very juicy and succulent.

Paneer Tikka | Photo Credit:arrivalguides
Paneer Tikka

Well, these were the most popular Indian dish available in Nepal that can be relished in every occasion and celebration. Flavor packed with spices and unique taste, these dishes have a special place in the heart of every Nepalese. The above-mentioned dishes can be lunch, brunch, on or even the evening meal if you are in love with the taste of India.

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a) What are the main ingredients in most Indian dishes?

- The main ingredient of most Indian dishes is an onion. Onions are mainly used in the dishes to form the base of the veg / non-veg dishes like chicken butter masala, matar paneer and many more. Apart from the onions, Indian dishes have a majority of rich spices.

b) What is a typical Indian meal?

- A typical Indian meal consists of rice, roti, lentils, meat, vegetables, salad, pickle and yogurt as dessert.

c) What are the top 5 best vegan Indian dishes?

- The top 5 vegan dishes are;

  • Palak Paneer

  • Malai Kofta

  • Vegetable Biryani Paneer

  • Tikka Masala

  • Chana Masala

d) What is the best Indian food to try for the first time?

For any chicken lovers who craves for chicken wings and barbecue, Tandoori chicken is the ultimate food to try for the first time. But in case if you are a vegetarian, you can try any of the paneer curries (Matar paneer, butter paneer masala) with plain roti or naan. Check out our Food Menu.

e) What is the healthiest Indian curry?

- The Indian curry is tomato-based usually creamy or deep-fried, so to have a healthy diet you can always opt for dishes with tomato-based crave sauces or tandoori meat with rice and roti. You can also have lentil soup (dal) as a side dish.

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