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'Biryani' is Undoubtedly the Most Loved Food, Why?

Updated: Jan 14

Biryani! One mention of this single word is enough for the foodies to get irresistible cravings in no time. Biryani is undoubtedly the most loved food across the globe that can be a lunch, brunch, or even dinner for all-time meat and rice lovers. The rich and aromatic hot pot of rice is a crowd pleaser prepared by the hearty mixture of rice, spices, meat, or, greens.

Originated in the Persia (Iran), the word Biryani is derived from the Persian word Birian, meaning Fried before cooking where Birinj is the Persian word for rice. Although there are hundreds of theories on how this plain Persian dish made its way to India and became the most loved food, we cannot deny the fact that we love it being served in our plates here in Nepal too.

Biryani Most Loved Food

But what is the reason behind its increasing popularity, and what makes it different from Pulau? Well, the popular host and chef of the Northern Flavors, Ajay Chopra says, "What makes Biryani stand apart is the slow 'dum' cooking process, where the Dum cooking process involves steaming the dish in a vessel sealed with flour dough.

Nevertheless, let's not forget the rich Indian spices that bring out the best flavors in every mouthful, invoking the nostalgia of relishing the most royal and iconic dish of all time. Apart from this, another most amazing fact about Biryani is that one can always experiment with the dish and make own selection of meat, vegetables, and masalas and yet enjoy the scrumptious dish regardless of whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian.

The Veg and Non-veg Biryani

People are often seen debating if the Non-veg biryani is better than the vegetarian biryani, but either way, the Biryani wins our hearts without any doubt.

The non-veg biryani offers a wide range of options from chicken, mutton to fish. Whereas the veg biryani is often compared to the traditional pulau that is mixed with nuts, cardamom, bay leaves cinnamon and veggies.

If a comparison is made between the veg and non-veg Biryani, the preparation for veg biryani is a lot simpler than the non-veg biryani. All because you don’t have to marinate the vegetables like the meat for the non-veg biryani. Both of the biryani are served along with Raita or Shorba that offer you the heavenly taste.

The Top Most Delicious Biryani's

Apart from just the veg and non-veg Biryani, how well do you know the different varieties of delicious Biryani found across the globe? Remember, what makes a Biryani different from one another is the technique that is used to prepare it. So, let's get deep into the world of Biryani where you can enjoy the irresistible flavors of the wholesome meal that is prepared in different ways yet offers the best aroma and taste.

1. Hyderabadi Biryani (Chicken/ Mutton/ Veg)

Hyderabadi Biryani
Hyderabadi Biryani | Photo Credit: cubesnjuliennes

Hyderabadi Biryani is the king of all Biryani available across the globe. The aromatic, mouthwatering dish has succulent chicken layers along with fluffy long grains Basmati Rice, rich spices, and fried onions. The Hyderabadi Biryani recipe is very simple and retains the authentic taste with the marinated raw meat that is topped with the partially cooked rice. Enriched with the fresh spices and meat, the chicken/mutton/veg Hyderabadi Biryani is available in almost every Indian restaurant in Nepal and is usually prepared by the Dum cooking process.

2. Lucknowi Biryani (Chicken/ Mutton/ Veg)

Lucknowi Biryani
Lucknowi Biryani | Photo Credit:craftlog

The popular North Indian meal, Lucknowi Biryani is influenced by Mughlai cuisine and is prepared in different styles. To give you a clear vision of what a Lucknowi Biryani is let us make a comparison with the Hyderabadi Biryani. Hyderabadi biryani has a strong blend of flavors and spices whereas the Lucknowi biryani has a delicate flavor and rich fragrance. The difference in the taste is solely because of the cooking technique. In the Hyderabadi biryani, the meat and rice are cooked together however in the Lucknowi biryani, the rice and meat are cooked separately and later layered in a pot over a low flame that makes both of the Biryani different from each other.

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3. Handi Biryani (Chicken/ Mutton/ Veg)

Handi Biryani
Handi Biryani

Well, what can be earthier than a Biryani cooked in a clay pot? Handi Biryani is a lip-smacking classic dish that needs no introduction. Flavor packed with the whole spices, rice, veggies, or meat the Hadi Biryani gives you the lovely smoky and earthly flavor that is worth trying. In Hadi biryani, all the ingredients are placed in the clay pot and cooked on the stovetop.

4. Bamboo Biryani

Bamboo Biryani
Bamboo Biryani

Where we used Hadi (clay pot) to prepare the Hadi Biryani, here a foot-long bamboo stick is used to prepare the bamboo biryani. The preparation method is similar to that of the other Biryani where you have to marinate the raw meat and add all the fresh spices and layer the top with the partially cooked rice.


If you are looking for something tasty and nutritious, give Chicken Biryani a try and you will fall in love with it because Biryani is not just a word or a meal, it's an emotion for a foodie who does not want to venture far from rice and meat. Visit Bawachi and try Biryani that is meaty and flavor-packed with fresh spices and herbs. Check our Biryani price, place your order, and get your Indian food home delivery instantly.

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a) What is the difference between Biryani and Pulao?

- Pulau is a one-pot dish cooked using the absorption method, while Biryani is made using the draining method. The meat along with the spices and the par-boiled rice that is cooked on low heat makes the layers in the biryani.

b) Where do you get the Best Biryani in Town?

- There are many places where you can find Biryani. But at Bawarchi we are sure to serve authentic biryani which will definitely delight your taste buds and mood. Find us on Google Map.

c) What types of Biryani's do Bawarchi Serve?

- Bawarchi typically serves Chicken Biryani (Dum/ Hyderabadi), Mutton Biryani (Dum/ Hyderabadi), and Veg Biryani.

d) Are you also open to Food Home Delivery Services?

- Yes, we are open to home delivery services. And we are also partners with Fooddole, BhojDeal & Foodmandu for Online Food Delivery in Kathmandu.

e) What are the common spices used in Indian food?

- The common spices used in Indian food are:

Cardamom, Clove, Cassia bark, Black pepper, Cumin seeds, Coriander, Saffron, Chilly, Garlic, Ginger, Mustard seeds, Fenugreek, and Turmeric.

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